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Welcome to Circus Circus 's Mobile Web Site. Now you can use a mobile device to access all the information in gaming, dining, entertainment, accommodation and other guest services at Circus Circus anywhere anytime.

Our mobile site currently supports WAP phones, Treo, BlackBerry, and PDAs powered by Microsoft PocketPC OS with wireless Internet connections. Please follow the instructions below to access Circus Circus 's mobile site and enjoy the impeccable wireless convenience.

WAP Phone, Treo, and BlackBerry Users:

  • Launch your device's mini-browser.
  • Choose "Go To..." link.
  • Key in "" and select "OK"
    (You can bookmark this site for future usage).

PocketPC Users with Wi-Fi or Wireless Internet Connections:

  • Launch Internet Explorer in the PocketPC.
  • Tap on "View" and select "AddressBar".
  • Enter "" as URL address and enter the Circus Circus mobile site.
  • If your PocketPC is not connected to the Internet yet, there will be a pop-up window opened on top. Select "Settings". In "My network card connects to:" box, select "The Internet", then select "ok". Go to Step 3 to enter the mobile site.

PDA Users without Wireless Internet Connections:

PDA users without wireless Internet connections can still access Circus Circus 's mobile site by using a third-party service provider's web-based PC-to-PDA synchronization service.

To use any one of the sync services to access Circus Circus 's mobile site, PDA users would need to know Circus Circus 's mobile site location which is at: "". Also, some services let the user define how much wireless contents to sync by setting a layer or depth number. The bigger the number, the more contents a PDA user can sync to the wireless device.

PDA users should go to the sync service provider's web site for instructions on how to use the sync service to access wireless contents.

Call 1-800-648-5010
to make a reservation.