Circus Circus Reno is green! Focusing on recycling and energy consumption, we are dedicated to sustainability. Partnering with Recycle America, a division of Waste Management, we are helping the environment any way possible.
Circus Circus Reno currently recycles cardboard, white paper, alkaline batteries, plastic, glass, scrap metal and electronics. Rather than place thousands of pounds of waste into landfills, we recycle the materials however we can.

Circus Circus also recycles used oil and lead acid batteries so they do not contaminate the environment.
Energy Management
We are in the process of converting our lighting needs to a more energy efficient LED light bulb. This will result in energy savings that can ultimately be placed back into the community.

In Nevada especially, water is a precious resource. We have implemented a towel and linen reuse program and information is in each hotel room. This will result in fewer laundry loads and conserve water.
Charge Point Stations
Always looking toward the future, Circus Circus Reno has invested in Charge Point Stations for electric cars. These "pumps" are available for guests at no charge.
The pumps are located in the ground floor of the north parking garage with the use of a pass from the front desk. With electric cars gaining momentum among car owners, Circus Circus wants to provide the energy needed to run them while supporting an alternate vehicle source that does not run on oil.
Looking Forward
We are planning a compost program for our restaurant kitchens. Always striving for environmentally friendly procedures we are constantly on the look-out for what we can do as a team to help the planet we live on.

We want to offer a big thank you to our productive Green Team who spearheads these conservation plans. We are always open to ideas from our employees and community on how we as a company can help the environment.
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